The last time we checked, swerving to avoid a singing parade of plump half-naked hairy men wearing pink speedos IS a commendable act, but sadly the cop who handed you a ticket for photographing the pink cloud from your cell phone didn't see it that way.

It happens all the time, right?

While there isn't enough eye bleach in the city to burn away the memory, we can help. Since 1989, Comedy Driving School*, has been offering a simple, fast and hilariously entertaining way to complete a defensive driving course for driver's education, auto insurance reduction or traffic ticket dismissal.

Join the thousands (millions?) of drivers who have laughed their way through our comedian-taught driving courses.

If you can't attend a class nearby, try our online course!

"This was really helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed the comedy aspect of this course."

"Great course - love it - almost worth getting the ticket - keep up the good work."

"This is an AWESOME program... one of my friends saw me taking it and wanted to take the course."

"My instructor was a nice and funny guy who provided me with useful information that I didn't know before."

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